A Gainesville Preschool

A preschool website I made for one of my first personal clients out of college


All the development spent on this site was with handling the hosting and domain name set up as well as the contact form.


I worked alone on this project and purchased a theme I was able to template and send to the client for further help on what they were looking for.

Time Spent

This project took me 4 months to complete with most of the time going into the website design but also some time spent on hosting and domain name setup.

Project Details

This was one of my first sites I did on my own out of college. I purchased a template based on the customers wants and needs and broke it apart using PHP templating and put it back together to make it easier to edit the site.

Outside of setting up my own site, this was the first time I had to set up a domain name and hosting for a client and be completely in charge of a website all on my own. It was a great experience and got me way more comfortable with venturing out on my own to work with clients.