Dias Landscapes

This was a freelance project that I just recently completed back in June of 2015.


Worked by myself on the functional contact form as well as using various jQuery libraries to get desired effects in the testimonials and work sections.


I worked by myself coming up with this design after implementing the bootstrap starter theme.

Time Spent

This project took a couple months due to going back and forth with the client on getting all of their content together.

Project Details

Dias Landscapes is a landscaping company located out of Boynton Beach Fl. They maintain many high end houses all over Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade counties.

This was the second time I had worked on this site, the previous time being when I was right out of college. The differences in the two designs are remarkable and I wish I had saved a screenshot of the old design...Anyways, this site was really enjoyable for me having just started using bootstrap as much as I can. Along with bootstrap, I used a ton of jQuery libraries and created my very own PHP contact form.