Technical Surveillance Sciences Inc.

Conversion of 1990's website built using tables into a WordPress website


One of the first times I built a site using entirely WordPress and really didn't take long once the theme was picked out


Landing on a quality "starter" theme took some time but the client just wanted to get something responsive up and get away from their old table layout

Time Spent

The site took only 3 weeks to transfer all the content over, install WordPress and the theme, and then launch it

Project Details
  • Client: Technical Surveillance Sciences
  • Date: 9 August, 2016
  • Online: tsstraning.com

It was tough getting content that would help make this site pop, but my main goal of this site was to just get a new theme and website up. This site was originally built back in the 1990's and was still using a tabular layout which started messing with SEO rankings in Google due to it not being responsive. I decided it was best to get a responsive site up and running first and then go back and revisit the theme and layout at a later date.

Working with WordPress used to be a huge pain in my side because I always felt limited in what I was able to do. So settling on a theme that worked with what the client wanted was a top priority. I've since made a couple custom themes, but didn't want to attempt it here as it would have taken way longer for me to develop and then make responsive on top of that. Upon completion of this project, I have found a new respect for what WordPress has to offer.